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through scholarly bible study papers, teaches the Original faith as taught by the Messiah and the apostles. Herein these Original teachings are restored and made available in various languages.

These papers are accessed by many people throughout the world. They also provide study support for the remote, the disadvantaged and the disabled. Our aim is to provide to all nations the most thoroughly researched bible study papers available on the world wide web today. Click on a region below to view our papers in the various languages of the world.

Our goal is to provide biblical truth to all nations in all languages. To do this requires translation from the English into the various world languages. We need volunteers to assist with our translation efforts. If you are bilingual and would like to assist us in our effort to preach the gospel to the world please contact us. You may also like to assist us by making a donation to help fund the translation effort. You can do this by clicking the link below.

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